Inventsys at the Energy Startup Day Thursday, November 30, 2017

We were able to make a point in the 3 minute speach. Our infrastructure as well as all the maintenance workers are ready for the Inventsys platform.

Please read our speech following here:

Hello Everyone, I’m Martin Morawetz , CEO of Inventsys Switzerland. Thank you for joining today.

Imagine you are driving home and that a fire breaks out in your hometown. It’s night and winter, the flames grow quickly. You hear the sirens and the firemen approach. Everyone is relieved as the fire will be extinguished very soon.
The firemen approach a hydrant near the house on fire. They try to open the hydrant but no water comes out. Panic spreads at the scene. The fire grows and cannot be stopped.

Why was the Hydrant not working? Was the maintenance not done? When was the last maintenance due? Who did the maintenance? Was there a defect before?

That’s where we come in: We make sure that this scenario can never happen. We make sure that the client can always rely upon well functioning assets.

It is very surprising for me to realize that today, most of the assets and maintenance processes are not digitally supported. Maintainance workers work with paper checklists; the managers plan with long excel lists and there is often no mobile access to the data and no recorded history of the assets.

Excel lists can have mistakes and can be forgotten, paper checklists can be lost.

There are 600’000 Hydrants in Switzerland. Thousands of maintenance workers perform an annual check on the Hydrants. But that’ s not all: in Switzerland we have hundreds of utility companies, thousands of villages and towns with millions of geographically distributed assets.

You can imagine now: a lot of paper checklists printed and manual data transcription, year after year.

Our ready to go SAAS Solution has received international awards for being innovative and simple. Our solution was born mobile with a unique Zero Code architecture. In this way, we can quickly help many organizations to take the management of their assets to the next level.

Almost any asset can be managed on our platform. The platform can be fully adapted directly by the user. This is unique.

The platform moreover includes the interaction with the residents of the area: our citizen app allows recording defects, or any point that could be improved immediately, from the mobile phone with a geolocated picture. All registered events directly trigger a workflow to facilitate the resolution.

The very positive feedback from our clients including the field workers show us that we have the right solution at the right moment to help to create a smarter living.
A smarter living which for me is a fundamental cornerstone of a smart city.

Thank you very much.